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Virtual Office is essentially a form of leasing "business addresses", sharing offices and many other facilities to optimize costs to ensure businesses operating efficiently.

In a simpler way, with virtual office services, companies will own a real office address, can put on legal business documents, but can be flexible at work instead of having to spend Too much budget for a fixed office.

Who needs Virtual Office?

Yes Office – Dịch Vụ Văn Phòng Thông Minh
Newly established business owners
Yes Office – Dịch Vụ Văn Phòng Thông Minh
Consultant / Project team
Yes Office – Dịch Vụ Văn Phòng Thông Minh
In need of a good location for a representative office
Yes Office – Dịch Vụ Văn Phòng Thông Minh
Need a high-class reception office
Yes Office – Dịch Vụ Văn Phòng Thông Minh
In need of the modern meeting room
Yes Office – Dịch Vụ Văn Phòng Thông Minh
Freelancer needs creative space
Yes Office – Dịch Vụ Văn Phòng Thông Minh
Agnes Yeo presidentNationality Singapore20 years and the continuous flights between Vietnam and Singapore have made Agnes Yeo closer and closer to the peaceful and friendly land. With extensive experience and great successes in leading Asian corporations, such as:
  • 10 years as Director of Asia Pacific region of Bacardi Group.
  • 05 years as Head of Asia Pacific Wine Corporation William Grant & boys.
  • 5 years as Southeast Asia Regional Director Beam Suntory Corporation - Owner of well-known brands.
05 Southeast Asia Regional Director Beam Suntory Group - Owner of well-known brands.Agnes Yeo understands the country and people of Vietnam. She wants enthusiasm and passion for developing new businesses in Vietnam.He is currently the General Director of a tax-free import-export company in Vietnam with many branches in major cities across the country. Also, the brand owner: The Vault, Yes Office, with the expectation of bringing a system of values ​​and shared resources to businesses and businesses in Vietnam.

Why choose Virtual office 68 Nguyen Hue?

Located at 68 (Loc Phat) on Nguyen Hue Walking Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, HCMC. HCM City. The road axis connects the headquarters of the City People's Committee and Ben Bach Dang. The road is covered with granite, 2 fountains, and a greenery system. Below the road, there is a control center for water music, lighting, and public WC
Modern and classy design Yes Office's design brings a modern, youthful style to adapt to the rising wave of start-ups in the 4.0 open economy. And to match its position, equipment and materials are carefully selected by YO to bring you a classy and efficient space.
Standard Sing Service With inspiration from the island nation of Singapore, the most developed country in Southeast Asia, the TOP 5 financial and trade centers of the world. Yes Office is committed to striving and bringing international standard services to domestic and foreign customers.
Cost is always an important element in any organization's activities. Understanding that, Yes Office confidently accompanies and brings the highest value in the right cost limit for businesses, customers, and partners.

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YES OFFICE's full-service office services help businesses reduce fees by 70 - 90%, by building modern facilities in major financial centers, with experienced human resources. Available in legal, financial accounting, digital marketing, graphic designer, customer care, bartender ... All are common resources of businesses when joining the YES OFFICE business community.

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    Frequently asked questions

    According to the 2005 Enterprise Law, operating businesses need to have a stable transaction address, and be registered with state agencies. The address should clearly state the number of houses, streets, wards, communes, provinces/cities, and be registered with the authorized government entity. Thus, when renting a virtual office, you absolutely can register a business license at this address.
    The office rent in District 1 is high, but the prestige of your company will also increase, transaction time with customers and state agencies saved , and District 1 is also a very concentrated place to easily get around to any places in Ho Chi Minh. Many offices vary in price and space.
    A virtual office cost depends on many factors, such as locations, floor number, accompanying office utilities, and service providers. Rents can range from more than 500,000 VND / month to 2,000,000 VND / month depending on your needs. Proud to be one of the leading companies in virtual office services, Yes Office is currently one of the priority names of many companies and businesses. We offered the perfect quality of all the amenities from location, equipment, facilities, space to related utilities In addition, the cost of virtual office services at Yes Office is always highly appreciated by business customers for being extremely reasonable and economical. Usually, depending on many factors, we will apply rent from over 500,000 VND to 2,000,000 VND / month.
    Virtual office saves you the cost of renting an office, helps you get an address to complete the registration files for opening a business company. You can also get legal support on taxes, expenses, and professional declaration accounting, insurance, etc. In addition, the startup community in virtual offices brings diversity and strong support for your company
    IN HCMC, District 1 (downtown) provides the most numbers of virtual offices. In district 7 and district 2 (with many foreign companies), district 3 and district 5 (areas with economic development), Tan Binh and Go Vap districts (crowded places), virtual offices of Phu Nhuan district (easy to access) …
    You can refer to the contract form HERE.